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    Ali Lee's "Keep It Right There" on sale everywhere.

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    Polo Donatello's new release "Relief Technique" coming soon.

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    Kyra Fox - the latest in music entertainment.

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Ali Lee
Ali Lee
Ali Lee - Audio Diamonds Cover

Ali Lee - "Audio Diamonds"

Ali Lee - Audio Diamonds Cover

Ali Lee - "Audio Diamonds (Explicit)"

Ali Lee - Fetish Cover

Ali Lee - "Fetish"

Ali Lee - End of Time Cover

Ali Lee - "End of Time"

Ali Lee - Prisoner Cover

Ali Lee - "Prisoner"

Ali Lee - Keep It Right There Cover

Ali Lee - "Keep It Right There"

Ali Lee entertained two major record deals as part of the Atlanta-based all girl group Blaze Blah before choosing to pursue a solo career. A classically trained singer during her youth, she’s now working with world- renowned Top 40 writers and in the studio with legendary producers. Her first single “Keep it Right There” reached #23 on the FMQB chart in just 3 weeks. The song was rated #15 Most Adds on RR charts in January 2012 and now climbing Mediabase. The video launched in early December 2011 and is currently being showcased on dozens of media platforms including AOL, Yahoo, OnlyLyrics, Daily Motion, Blastro, and several P1 radio stations, receiving rave reviews. The song has also won many head to head, listener voted, competitions against other new artists and some seasoned entertainers.

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Polo Donatello
Polo Donatello

Polo Donatello - "I Can't"

Polo Donatello - "Shoes"

Polo Donatello - "Sippin' and Tippin'"

Polo Donatello - "Take a Trip"

Polo Donatello is a young artist with roots spread across the south, including Kentucky, Tennessee, and Georgia. His first project, Bad Influence, was released while he still in high school, and vaulted him to local prominence in the Lexington, KY area. Since then Polo has worked with numerous producers, including the Baines God out of Chicago, IL, and Grammy award winning writer/producer Keith Thomas. Polo spends much of his time on the road performing. He has had shows in several states and opened for Asher Roth, Dorrough, Stalley, Travis Porter, Mac Miller, French Montana, and 2 Chainz, among others. Having recently dropped his latest project, an 8-track EP titled ‘Relief Technique’, he is primed and ready to be a household name in Hip Hop.

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